My flutes are hand crafted in the Cayman Islands and patterned after the traditional Native American Flute. The popularity of these flutes is due to the melodic warm tones they produce and the fact that they are very easy to play.


Len Layman

I have always loved wood and the beauty that it holds. Hence working with wood is a natural way for me to express myself. I find the solitude of crafting things of beauty from wood to be very therapeutic in today's hectic world. It is a way of stepping aside from the busyness of life and taking the time to create. Most of what I make is functional, flutes, bowls, pens, and such but it is not their functionality that makes the art but rather the natural beauty of the wood and the shapes they take on. When I see a downed tree, I do not see a log, but rather, I wonder what treasure might be contained in its wood. It is the joy of uncovering that treasure that I love. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts USA. It was not until “later in life” that I started to enjoy the art of working with wood. I have shown my flutes in The Art @ Governors event the last two years. I am trying to work as much as possible in wood from local trees, although not always possible I find it much more rewarding and meaningful. You can email me at captlen@candw.ky